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fortner REcruiting Services

1419 SE 17th Avenue

Portland, OR 97214


are you interested in running an executive recruiting office? I represent a company which is not looking for recruiters but managers who could run an executive recruiting office where you live and is willing to finance the opening of an office for you to run. Do you think you may be interested? You can earn $150k a year running a 3 recruiter office or $500k a year running a 5 recruiter office with an administrator who runs the office when you are out. They don't need your money because they do provide the financing but they do look for stability. Let me know if you have earned close to or more then $100k a year and if your net worth is atleast $250k or more. You also need $70k in liquid funds to cover out of pocket expenses you have when you first open your office and for the first 3 to 4 months while you are beginning to make placements of executives and managers with Fortune 500 companies around the world, It take that time to generate fees of anywhere from $30k to 70k per placement. Call me, Ross Fortner, Executive Recruiter, toll free 1-877-804-2668 my e-mail address is send me your resume. I also need C level executives able to invest $500k with private equity clients to run and grow your company until sold for a profit which you share in. You need to be wealthy to participate in these offerings.
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