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Frost Valley YMCA

2000 Frost Valley Road

Claryville, NY 12725


Frost Valley YMCA is one of the largest Residential Environmental Education Centers in the United States. Created in 1969, the Woodruff J. English Environmentatal Education Program serves over 12,000 students and their teachers each year. The Summer Resident Camping Program serves 2,100 campers annually, including many special populations such as children with physical and developmental disabilities. We serve over 31,000 children, youth, adults and seniors each year, primarily from the Northeastern U.S., with the majority coming from the tri-state area. These include over 14,000 family and group conference guests. Frost Valley YMCA puts Christian principles into practice with programs that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. Frost Valley embraces the guiding principles for developing character: honesty, caring, respect and responsibility. Center
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