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SOC Enterprises

750 S. 23rd Street

Arlington, VA 22202


SOC Enterprises, based in Arlington, Virginia, is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing superior administrative services to businesses in the Washington metropolitan area by employing, training, and placing in competitive employment persons with disabilities. We have a staff of more than 70 professionals and we employ more than 160 persons with disabilities. We operate several on-site mail centers, copy centers, and document processing centers for federal government agencies. We also own a printing, assembly and mailing operation that combines state-of-the-art computer and digital technology with the large workforce necessary for miscellaneous order fulfillment work. We are an accredited vocational rehabilitation facility with services ranging from career counseling and job placement to vocational training and sheltered employment. All of our activities grow out of one guiding premise: the individual, local businesses, and the community as a whole all benefit when an individual with a disability reaches his or her highest level of vocational functioning.
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