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RECRUITER STATS:         Recruiters as of:         Total: 9487         Staffing Firms: 4076         In House Recruiters: 4979                
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Resume distribution is an effective way to find a job. Put your resume in the hands of thousands of targeted recruiters and hiring companies that have current job openings. They are waiting for your resume now.
  • Free resume distribution, only at ResumeDeliver.
  • It's simple and easy. Even if you don't have a current resume, create one with our Resume Builder.
  • ResumeDeliver is 100% free for hiring companies and recruiters.
  • Resume distribution proactively gets your resume in front of recruiters and direct hiring companies ... fast
  • We have been helping candidates find jobs since 2002
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Deliver your resume now - up to 250 Employers & Recruiters for Free!
Deliver your resume now - up to 1000 Employers & Recruiters for only $19.95!
Deliver your resume now - up to 2500 Employers & Recruiters for only $29.95!
Deliver your resume now - up to 9487 Employers & Recruiters for only $39.95!

ResumeDeliver proactively delivers your resume via email directly to recruiters and employers that have jobs and are looking for candidates in your industry or geographic area. ResumeDeliver has a database of more than 17,000 recruiters
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Joining the ResumeDeliver Recruiter Network allows you to receive targeted resumes sent directly to your email address based on what your needs are today. All we require is that you fill out the form and the exact candidates you are looking for will be delivered to you on an ongoing basis.
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See statistics for our recruiters and hiring companies. You can quickly view the number of recruiters and hiring companies by location or industry with a few clicks. Check resume distribution numbers for your location(s) and industry.
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